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Power Toilet Lift

Power Toilet Lift


It is a portable, intelligent rising lift seat, designed to help the elderly or pregnant women and other people with mobility problems, can assist users in the state of unassisted toilet alone, reduce the user's dependence on others, to avoid embarrassment, reduce the burden on the family, to avoid falls. Improve the safety and independence of users toileting

Product Description

Independence and dignity in your bathroom

The neowee Toilet Lift is the perfect solution to help you maintaining your independence, dignity and privacy because it enables you to continue to use the bathroom as you always have: All by yourself.  It slowly lowers you to a sitting position and gently raises you to the level where you can more easily stand on your own.  It’s simple to operate and works with almost all standard toilets. 

Safe and worry free

You never have to worry about getting stuck while raising, lowering or sitting as this electric toilet lift has a versatile rechargeable battery that assures a continued lifting/lowering process, even if the power goes out. You also have the option to plug the electric Toilet Lift directly into a wall outlet. The convenient handles have non-slip grips to assist as you are gently lowered or lifted, making you safer and more secure. You can be confident that you can always get to your feet, thanks to a remarkable lift range and incredible stability.

  • Excellent design and function
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Provides a 14" lift
  • Adjustable to fit different toilet shapes and heights
  • Rechargeable battery allows confident use, even in a power outage
  • Option to plug in directly or use battery, whichever you prefer
  • Ultra-low noise and smooth operation
  • Long battery life—a full battery can provide up to 160 lifts
  • 440-lb capacity

Product Specifications

Product Series: Easyseat 2
Lower dimension(L*W*H) 726*633*814mm
Noise: ≤50(db)
Maximum lifting weight: 440lbs
Lifting dimension (L*W*H) 810*633*1065mm
Drive mode: DC motor push rod
Angle of lift: 0-33°
Product Weight: 30Kg
Rated voltage: AC220V/50Hz
Rated power: 60W*2
Waterproof grade: IPX4
User-supplied:  4-6Ah/18V tool battery DC24V-10A
Power Toilet Lift









The neoowee Toilet Lift helps you get on and off the toilet with ease. They slowly and steadily lift you back to an upright position. The Dignity Lift allows you to stand on your own and continue to use the bathroom without assistance. We call them dignity boosts because they allow you to maintain your dignity.

The No one wants to get stuck on the toilet, and Elevate Dignity prevents that from happening. They lift you up at a reasonable rate, so even if your legs "fall asleep" on the toilet, you're still safe. Our lift takes 20 seconds to lift you out of the toilet. This is the right time so you can restore circulation and feel in your legs. the

The neoowee Toilet Lift fits almost all toilets, from the shortest to the tallest, The neoowee Toilet Lift fits almost all toilets. It fits toilet heights from 14" (early toilets are so low) all the way up to 18" toilet heights (tall toilets are so high). It has adjustable/removable legs to fit any toilet we've seen. The neoowee Toilet Lift has an easy to clean seat including a "chute" design. This design ensures that all liquids and solids end up in the toilet. The chute is sized to fit a standard toilet and easily fits in an extended potty toilet as well.

 The neoowee Toilet Lift helps prevent constipation. A raised toilet seat or an extra-high toilet can cause constipation. A toilet lift lowers you down to allow your body to empty better. Not only does the lift lift you up, but you also get the benefit of a lower seat height. This can help you avoid constipation and numbness in your extremities.

The neoowee Toilet Lift fits nearly any bathroom and is 25" wide so even the smallest bathrooms can fit in a toilet corner. Most building codes require toilet corners that are at least 24" wide. Our elevators are designed for this purpose.

 The neoowee Toilet Lift is an economical alternative to assisted living The average cost of a private room in assisted living has surpassed the $4,000 mark in the United States. Not to mention the cost of moving into the facility and moving out of your current residence. Many people avoid the stress of moving to an assisted living facility by installing Dignity Lifts in their home. In managed care facilities, elevators cost less than two weeks' rent. 

The neoowee Toilet Lift can lift just about anyone. The neoowee Toilet Lift lifts users up to 400 lbs. It has 19 1/2 inches of hip room (distance between handles). It's as wide as most office chairs. The Dignity Lift lifts you up to 14 inches (measured at the back of the seat) from a seated position. This will get you back up safely. The Dignity Lift takes about 20 seconds to go from bottom to top. This steady pace avoids dizziness and relaxes limbs that may have been stiff.

Installing The neoowee Toilet Lift is easy. Installing our lift is as simple as removing your current toilet seat and placing The neowee Toilet Lift in place. The neowee Toilet Lift is a bit heavy so you want to make sure the installer can lift 50 lbs but once in place it is very stable and secure.

The neoowee Toilet Lift works no matter where your electrical outlet is located. The neoowee Toilet Lift does not require a nearby outlet. It includes a large battery and a charger plug. This allows the elevator to be used without being plugged in. It can run for a month (30 days!) without recharging. If you have an outlet nearby, you can keep your charger plugged in so you still have backup power in the event of a power outage. No matter which method you choose, you'll always have a toilet lift ready to help you.

 The battery lasts a long time between charges. A 280-pound patient used his lift for 210 full cycles on a single charge. A 150-pound patient used her 300 times before recharging.


Aluminum alloy frame

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