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Scenic area intelligent electric mobility scooter

Scenic area intelligent electric mobility scooter


Experience true freedom and explore the great outdoors with our Scenic area intelligent electric mobility scooter! This stylish e-scooter gives you the power to explore nature with ease, while keeping you safe and secure with advanced intelligent technology. Get ready to ride in comfort and style!

Main Features:

  • Main parameters: Max weight capacity: 880 lbs / Max speed: ≤8km/h Range: about 13 miles per charge / Battery capacity: 48V/40Ah
  • Comfortable Seat: The spacious seat and backrest can provide gentle cushioning and support; there are also two armrests around the scooter for more convenience when getting on and off the scooter.
  • Safety First:The scooter is equipped with four pneumatic tires and anti-roll wheels, which can provide you with a more comfortable and smoother driving experience even when the vehicle is driving on moderately rough roads. The scooter is designed with an intuitive control panel that is easy to operate. It is designed with an easy-to-control and safer electromagnetic brake. The scooter is equipped with headlights and brake lights for safe driving.
  • Intuitive Control Panel: Located on the tiller console, the control panel allows you to use the variable speed dial to set the maximum speed, change from forward to reverse direction, turn on the headlights and sound a warning chime if desired. The display also includes a color-coded battery life indicator for checking battery status at a glance.All Season Use:  you are glad to know that you can enjoy your scooter all year around. The electronics are sealed, so rain or snow will not matter at all.


Capacity: 880 lbs

Maximum speed: ≤8km/h

Estimated range: about 13 miles

Maximum climbing angle: ≤12°

Turning radius: ≤2.7M

Cruising range: 60-65KM

Tires: 16" tubeless tires

Dimensions (length x width x height): 1.9x0.95x1.99m

Battery: 48 V / 40 AH lithium battery

Motor: 48 V 800W high-efficiency brushless motor

Brake: Electromagnetic

Overall Weight: 330 lbs

Shell: streamlined composite FRP

color: blue

This mobility scooter is a 4-wheel, high-power mobility scooter using a transaxle brushless electric motor for best performance.

Instrument panel showing the speed, charge, lights, turn signals etc…

This is a mobility scooter for 2-3 people. It is specially used for scenic spots or community lines. If it rains, you're sure to feel comfortable in the cabin. However, on warm summer days, let a cool breeze blow through the cab. If you're planning a longer trip, the heavy-duty 20-amp battery will get you up to 28 miles on a single charge.

Obviously, this is larger than most mobility scooters, and parking safely when you reach your destination is critical. For this purpose, rearview mirrors are fitted as standard. There is a rearview mirror in the cab that allows you to see exactly what is behind you when reversing.

There is a comfortable ring tiller and easy to read display, as well as user friendly controls for lights, indicator lights, horn. There are also hazard lights and a high/low switch that can go from 4 to 7.5 mph when needed.


Aluminum alloy frame

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